EINSTEINS & PICASSOS - Fun art and science integration

EINSTEINS & PICASSOS - Fun art and science integration
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EINSTEINS & PICASSOS - Fun art and science integration
Einsteins & Picassos ONLINE - fun science and art integration:

Budding scientists and young artists will mix, mash, fly, form, scrape, sculpt, blast, bake, expand and explode to create fascinating and fun science and art projects. Join us in a week of creativity, experiments and projects where art and science come together.

Each day you will be emailed a lesson plan, a link to the project demonstration video and an invitation to join our live, interactive classroom on Zoom with Teacher Tim and other students where you can create, talk, ask questions and share.

4 days of enrichment fun!

This is a list of materials and supplies that you might need. All are readily available at any supermarket or hardware store. If you can't find something, we can make recommendations for substitutions.

White glue

22 x 28 posterboard (or 8x11 or 11x17 or any thick paper)

Toothpicks (round)

1 or 2 paintbrush (or whatever you have)

Food coloring (4 color pack)

20 mule team borax laundry detergent (less than a cup)

Empty 500ml (16.9 oz) water bottle (the recyclable kind)

Crescent roll dough (pastry in a tube - Pillsbury or house brand)

Carrots, celery, grapes

White or yellow cake mix and ingredients (1 box)

White cupcake frosting (1)

Vegetable oil

Alka Seltzer (or house brand)

Baking soda

Electronic toy broken or not (for taking apart)

Cardboard box (at least 12" square or rectangle)

Masking tape

At home you probably have:

Crayons and markers, clear containers, measuring spoons, measuring cup, spoons large and small, water and an oven.