Fabulous Forts Camp - August 2 - 6

Fabulous Forts Camp - August 2 - 6
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Fabulous Forts Camp - August 2 - 6
We will make houses and construct a cardboard box village, create lean-tos, tarp shelters and other creative fort projects. Building fun and friendships. West Sound Academy

AM session for ages 5-7 M-F Aug. 2 – 6 9:30-noon $175

PM session for ages 7-10 M-F Aug. 2 – 6 1 - 3:30pm $175


The first 2 days are spent making lean-tos and shelters out of natural material we find in the forest. We will occupy these structures all week during story, snack and outdoor times.

The next 3 days are spent creating forts and even a city/civilization out of cardboard. In the cardboard city public buildings are being created out of large boxes and citizens start making stores, restaurants, farms and other enterprises using their private building and things they have made at the art table. You might find a pet shop selling paper animals, a flower shop, multiple restaurants, farm products, a gym and even a blacksmith shop. Each citizen is given a fixed amount of pre-printed official paper money (usually $10-20) to spend as they please. If they want to earn more money they have to open a business and create something or work for someone else’s business. CLICK TO REGISTER

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