"IS IT GONNA BLOW UP?" - Creating Happy Young Scientists, Engineers, Builders and Artists.

"IS IT GONNA BLOW UP?" - Creating Happy Young Scientists, Engineers, Builders and Artists.
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Is It Gonna blow Up? contains many of the activities you will enjoy in Curiosity Club and Curiosity Camp programs. Published in Summer of 2018, the book is currently only available from Amazon.com. We used this title because it is the most common question I get from children when we do some of the science experiments.

This easy-to-follow guide aims to create happy scientists, engineers, builders and artists with a lifelong love of learning! 48 engaging and enriching activities for children aged 3-12 will teach them to enjoy and develop appreciation for a variety of subjects, including chemistry, art, math, cooking and more, all while building confidence and having fun!

Activity recipes include description of the activity, materials needed, how to do it, how to present it to your group, the science or lesson behind it, a preschool version and suggested vocabulary. Useful for after-school, summer, or anytime learning!

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Who is Timothy A. Lowell?

Tim Lowell has been leading art and science enrichment programs in Puget Sound schools since 2002. He is a teaching member of the Bainbridge Island Arts in Education consortium and developer of the Curiosity Club elementary and early childhood enrichment programs. Tim believes that having fun with science, art and technology fosters lifelong appreciation and curiosity for learning. He is the author of IS IT GONNA BLOW UP? Creating Happy Young Scientists, Engineers, Builders and Artists and the adventure book Timmy Fishes SHARK ISLAND. Tim lives in Seattle, WA with his wife Mary, has 4 grown children and 2 grandchildren.