Tim did an amazing job with this class. Every session was packed with a fun variety of hands on activities, crafts, cooking, science experiments, and playtime. Initially I worried my 3rd grader might be bored, but he loved every class. -C.P. John Hay Elementary

Azulik Was so excited every class. He has done it for 2 quarters and he wants to do it again. My son enjoys the kind presence Teacher Tim has and the encouragement he provides. He is also learning leadership skills and he enjoys repeating the experiments at home. 5 Stars! -A.C. John Stanford International School

The teacher is very engaging and helps the kids use their imagination. My daughter loved all the projects and decided to take the class again! -K. BF Day Elementary School

My son loved this course. His teacher was fantastic, and the activities were fun, engaging, and easy to continue appreciating at home. -MamaB, BF Day Elementary School

Teacher Tim is wonderful! He is kind, engaging, enthusiastic, and you get the sense that he really enjoys helping kids explore their curiosities. My daughter loved the experiments and often brought home crafts and projects that she created in class. -C.K, BF Day Elementary School

My kid loves all the great science experiments and has really enjoyed the staff - all of whom are warm and enthusiastic. -Marilyn W.C. - Seattle