Introduction to Curiosity Club Classes Online - CLICK HERE

Introduction to Curiosity Club Classes Online - CLICK HERE
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Introduction to Curiosity Club Online Classes

Our goal for this class is to have fun and enjoy learning new things.

Introducing subjects as “play” is an effective and developmentally appropriate way to foster lifelong appreciation and confidence in learning. My hope is that students come away from an activity feeling that they like the subject, they are capable of it and they are good at it. Early childhood interest and confidence leads to success and fulfillment in later years. In this course you will do several hands-on projects that combine science, technology, engineering (building), art and math. That is why we call it S.T.E.A.M. learning.

1) The day before each class, watch for my email that includes a brief note for parents about the days activity, a link to the written instructions and a link to the YouTube video instructions. Supply/material lists will be sent as far in advance of the class as possible. Supply lists, lesson instructions and activity videos are all available at

2) As part of daily curriculum, please have your student view the video instructions before class.

3) Please review the supply list on www.ActiveArtandScience website or in your email.

4) You must be registered with Zoom to be in a meeting. Please register now so it doesn’t hold you up on the first day of class

5) At least two hours before class I will send you an email invitation to our Zoom meeting. For security purposes I will be generating a different random meeting code link each day. This ensures that only our student Families will be able to access the meeting.

6) The Zoom classroom will open 15 minutes before the start of class. This gives you time to have your device open and supplies at the ready. We will begin at the scheduled start time.

7) Please make sure your Zoom settings have video on, audio on, you are muted and on speaker view. Zoom meetings take up a lot of battery power so make sure your device is plugged in or fully charged.

I will start the class by taking a quick roll call and then launch into step-by-step instructions for the project. My personal help is available to any student who raises their hand. I can un-mute you and answer your questions.

It is always wise to have your adult with you to help you at home. Adults and family members are encouraged to participate in making the project. Students will take greater interest if their family member is making something alongside them.

If you are late it is OK – just jump right in and do what you can. If you miss class, you can always follow the written instructions and/or the instruction video for the project later.

I encourage you to have something to play with, build or read next to your work area. Some students finish earlier than others; if you finish early, I suggest that you free play until others are done. There may also be days that I tell a story while you are working or playing.

Some of our projects may start indoors and then go outdoors or may even start outdoors depending on your tolerance for spills in the house. Mentos geyser will be outdoors, rockets start indoors, then launch outdoors, color mixing lab and volcanoes can be indoors or out. I will prep you in my email the night before

At Curiosity Club you will have fun with friends and learn something new each day!