Mosaic Tile Project - Trivet/Hot pad instructions

Mosaic Tile Project - Trivet/Hot pad instructions
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Mosaic Tile Project - Trivet/Hot pad instructions
Instructions for classroom mosaic tile trivet/hot pad project:

Trivets make wonderful platforms for hot food or dishes on the dining table or in the kitchen. The pads on the bottom of each tile protect surfaces from scratches. The glue can withstand up to 500 degrees of heat and can be wiped clean with a damp cloth. The glue cannot withstand immersion in water so don't leave it in the rain or put it in the dishwasher.

1) Put tumbled glass in trays or bins for easy access by student artists

2) Give each student a tile. If students are grouped around a common table with glass trays in the center they can share glass and glue. If students are seated at individual desks the glass can be put on a common table and students can use plates, cups or bowls to collect glass and then return to their desk. Allowing the students to get up, move around and collect their glass from different common bins adds the fun dimension of "hunting' for just the right piece. This tactile part of the process will bring great joy to many students.

3) Emphasize to students that anything they can draw or paint they can create with glass. The glass is also beautiful in abstract designs, patterns or colors on their tile. If they are trying to create a picture such as a flower or heart they should make sure that the colors of the background glass is in contrast to (is different from) the color of the main image. The mosaic tile work is just like creating an art puzzle. Cover the entire tile with glass. Many students will take great delight in carefully piecing the shapes together. There is no wrong way to do this part of the project! (attention adults:loosen up!)

4) Spread glue evenly on the tile using the tip of the glue bottle to spread. It should be spread thick enough to hold the glass but not so thick that it runs and drips on the table. The glue will dry clear so don't worry too much. We have found that it is often easiest with young students to have an adult spread the glue and then let the children concentrate on the designing. Older students will have their own glue techniques.

The Glass Recycling Story Every piece of glass used in this project is recycled, cleaned and tumbled for your use. We collect the glass waste from some of the biggest stained glass companies in the Northwest. We also use car windshields, bottles and jars. It is cleaned, broken to size and then put in our industrial tumblers and tumbled for your safety and good use. you are helping the recycling effort by using this glass in your artwork. Suitable for ages 2 and up.