Rainbow Cakes

Rainbow Cakes
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Rainbow Cakes

RAINBOW CAKES This is a delicious way to play around with the science of mixing and baking a small loaf cake. The layering of colored batter adds to the potion making and gives the final baked cake an artistic surprise. You can combine this with decorating the cake to add even more art dimension.

HOW TO PRESENT IT TO YOUR GROUP: You can mix the whole batch in one big bowl and pour the batter into 3 or 4 small bowls to be colored or: Break into three groups/tables, measure the ingredients equally into the small mixing bowl at each table (i.e. one egg, 1/3 dry mix, 1/3 cup water, 1/6 cup oil for each). Have each table create a different color batter mix. For this version I am going to describe mixing in one big bowl and coloring in the small bowls. 1. Explain the entire process and what we hope to get from it. 2. Have the students break into 3 or 4 color mixing groups. Give each one a small mixing bowl.

3. Put the ingredients in the mixing bowl according to the box recipe – explaining what each ingredient is going to add to the whole. 4. Have each student participate in stirring the mix. I usually go around the class holding the bowl and having each person stir 5 times. 5. Pour the well mixed batter equally into the small mixing bowl at each group’s station 6. Have each group pick a color as you go around adding the appropriate food coloring. 7. Have the group mix it up and bring it to you at the loaf pans. 8. Add a small layer of each color to each pan. Layer color on top of color. 9. Put it in the oven as per box instructions.

THE LESSON: The science is in the combining and mixing of ingredients, the layering of colored batter in cake pans and the application of heat to create risen cakes. The art is in how the colors are layered and the beauty of the finished cake.

PRESCHOOL VERSION: If you have an adult for each 3-6 students you can mix the batter ingredients at each table. Otherwise, mix the batter ingredients in front of the class, allowing each person to mix it five times. Pour some batter into a bowl at each table, have each table dye the batter a different color. I like to handle the food coloring but the children can mix the color and batter together. Layer the different colored batter in pans as described above and put the pans in the oven. This part of the process will have taken around 20-30 minutes; the children will be ready to get up and do something active while the cakes are baking. When the cakes have cooled, gather everyone to marvel at the rainbow colored inside of the cake and enjoy a delicious slice.