"Is it Gonna Blow Up? - available on Amazon - click here
"IS IT GONNA BLOW UP?" - Tim's book of Curiosity Club experiments & activities - Creating Happy Young Scientists, Engineers, Builders and Artists.
"Is it Gonna Blow Up?" - Tim's new book of activities
Absorbent Water Balls
Activities, Experiments & Lesson Plans
Adventures in Art & Science - S.T.E.A.M. Fun Lab 1 - July 1 - 3
Award winning enrichment programs
Award Winning Enrichment Programs - 2022
Awesome Art & Science Experiments - S.T.E.A.M. Fun Lab 2 - July 8-11
Block Play: Free Build Jamboree
Bubble Science Formula
Cardboard Arcade Games
Cardboard City - Communal buildings and civic events
Cardboard City - Community and Commerce
Cardboard City - Private Houses
Color Mixing Lab
Cornstarch Slime
Cupcake Science & Art
Curiosity Camps on MERCER ISLAND - Registration opens February 1, 2024!
Curiosity Camps Summer 2024 at West Sound Academy in Poulsbo -REGISTRATION OPENS MARCH 15
CURIOSITY CLUB - after school S.T.E.A.M. fun labs - Spring 2024 - 4/15-6/13
Dancing Raisins
Einsteins & Picassos - S.T.E.A.M. Fun Camp 1 - August 19 - 23, 2024
Einsteins & Picassos - S.T.E.A.M. Fun Lab 3 - July 29 -Aug. 1
Einsteins & Picassos S.T.E.A.M. Fun Lab! July 5 - 9
Electronic Toy Dissection
Fabulous Forts Camp - August 2 - 6
Fantastic Forts & Cardboard City - July 22-25
Fruit & Vegetable Building
GHOST SHIP - the 3rd book in the 'Timmy Fishes' sea adventure series
Giant Paper Gliders
Glue and Borax Slime
Grand Finale Camp! - August 9 - 13
Hovering (hot air) Balloons
Interview article with Tim about mosaics
Introduction to Curiosity Club Classes Online - CLICK HERE
Kitchen Table Science - July 26-30 AM session for ages 5-7 9:30-12noon
Lego Float Challenge
Lego Team Building Challenge with Stories
Lifesaver Taste Test
Makers Engineering, Art & Flying Things - Aug. 5-8
Marble Runs
Marshmallow Geometry
Mentos and Soda Geyser
Metal Coffee Table
Metal Console Table
Metal End Table
Montessori school stepping stones page 2
Montessori school stepping stones pg. 1
Mosaic art featured in Westsound Home & Garden magazine page 1
Mosaic Art Kits
Mosaic Bench Instructions
Mosaic Garden Mirror Instructions
Mosaic Masterpieces - Unleash your creativity! July 26-30 PM session for ages 7-10 1-3:30pm
Mosaic Mirror
Mosaic Stepping Stone Instructions - inlay method
Mosaic stepping stones kit for 15 artists
Mosaic stepping stones kit for 30 artists
Mosaic Tile - Trivet/Hotpad and Coasters
Mosaic Tile Project - Trivet/Hot pad instructions
Mosaic Tray Instructions
Mosaic trivet/hot pad kit for up to 15 artists
NEW BOOK! - Timmy Fishes SHARK ISLAND - The true shark story from Curiosity Club summer camp - order it here
OUTDOOR SUMMER CAMP at Nelson Park in Poulsbo - weekly sessions July 5 - August 13, 2021
Personal Pizza Making
Physics & Flying S.T.E.A.M. Fun Lab - July 12 - 16
Potions & Scientific Wizardry - July 19 - 23
Race Track Physics
Rainbow Cakes
Rocket Balloons
Sculpting Chocolate Pastry
Slime video
Small House Diorama
Stained glass mosaic coaster kit for up to 15 artists
Stained glass mosaic coaster kit for up to 30 artists
Stained glass mosaic trivet/hot pad kit for up to 30 artists
Super Science Lab! - July 15-18
Thank you note
Tim's new adventure book for 2022 - SALAMI, BOLOGNA & CHEESE - Blue Shark Adventure
Two mosaic tile trays for up to 18 artists
Vinegar & Baking Soda Volcano
Water Bottle Rocket
West Sound Home & Garden article page 2 (no ads!)
West Sound Home & Garden article page 3
West Sound Home & Garden article page 5
West Sound Home & Garden magazine article page 4
Wood Frame Mosaic Tile Mirror Instructions